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It’s All in the Mix

When music, fashion and videography come together, a symphony of movement paves the way. With French photographer Laurent Segretier behind the D800, you are guaranteed a painterly spectacle, which echoes a virtual world of static composition. Known for mixing real imagery with pixelated artworks, Laurent explores elements of nostalgia in most bodies of work.

Teaming up with fashion forces On Pedder and Korean pop star CL, Laurent and art director Junu Ahn envisaged a fashion film which captured Hong Kong’s fragrant harbor and CL’s daring debonair. Decked in the latest from fashion house Kenzo, this multimedia masterpiece is set to the tempo of “Mental Breakdown” by 2NE1 and packages Asia’s most stylish all in one.

Laurent’s signature style can be felt in every twist and turn of the film. He recounts his first love being Francis Bacon’s abstract handwork, something that is still very present in Laurent today. “There’s always been a love-hate relationship between photography and painting, photography often being described as a low art. But they are meant to go hand in hand! I mix memories from my TV experiences and my love of painting. I mimic tectonic plates, cells, DNA replication and medical imagery. It’s one big mix.”

Giving the gift of motion to still images is Junu Ahn. A master of composition, he, too, has an affinity for the digital world. His playful direction adds a certain depth that allows you to discover a new element in each viewing. His backdrops bring a sense of modernity to traditional Hong Kong scenery. With no real path, the two were quick to riff off CL’s energy - her moves and style a point of inspiration. CL is the muse of many but to Laurent she stands between childhood memories and adult obsessions. “She’s a mix of manga, pin ups and hip hop. I see her as my female alter ego”.

The D4 lent its hands to the organic process of the shoot with its ability to capture sharp images of unpredictable movements, whilst the D800 was the choice for filming, with its compact and lightweight form factor, yet packed with practical and functional features optimized for professional video applications. “The D4 was amazingly fast, so I was able to shoot high speed and isolate the moves she was jamming to. All I needed to do was focus on her motions - it perfectly supported this approach and the buffer was never full.”

The final product is a myriad of input from creatives, which came to life as a digital collision between still life and manipulated pixels. Moving in tune with their favorite tracks from all over the world, it opened doors to innovative designs and a new take on high street fashion.


© Laurent Segretier