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A FEAST FOR THE EYES: Food Styling Photography

On any given day, a small, petite lady can be found stooped over a long table, forceps in hand. It’s not a fine science, but there’s definitely some degree of creative madness because Eunice Martin Lim often spends hours and sometimes even days getting a set right with her food styling work.

“Photography is story telling. A story told in a single shot. People are naturally attracted to a beautiful set up, but I like to introduce a slight human element to give the photo life and a character of its own.”

Eunice’s work usually carries a fun and creative spark to it. A firm believer of not taking life too seriously, she spends her days experimenting with colours, textures, shade of shadows and unusual combinations which usually work in her favour. She admits that a love for food helps the process go a long way!

(Photographed with Nikon Z 6 NIKKOR 24-70mm f/4 S at 70mm ISO 1250, f/4, 1/250s)


Being on the go most of the time involves heavy boxes of props, photography gear and sometimes even food items. Hence getting the job done in the most efficient manner is key. Eunice’s go-to gear at work is usually the Nikon Z 6 paired with a NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S, and she can be quite technical when it comes to shooting.

“My work involves a variety of shots. It could be a wide shot of several food items on a 45-degree angle or a flatly; but it can sometimes involve close ups and even macro views of food to tease out the main highlights of the subject.”

(Photographed with Nikon Z 6 NIKKOR 24-70mm f/4 S at 70mm ISO 320, f/4, 1/200s)

An introvert by nature, Eunice’s eureka moment came while she was alone in her hostel room during college. Her interest in photography started when she was gifted her first camera. Coupled with a natural inclination towards design and art, it didn’t take long for her to start coming up with mood boards of her photos.

To those who wish to make a career out of their photography work, it’s a journey of sacrifice and research. Eunice isn’t a believer of luck and is a firm advocate of straight, honest hard work.

“It’s a tough life because you spend days and nights trying to get one angle correct. But I think when you see the final outcome, you know that every drop of inspiration you squeezed for that shot was worth it.”

About Eunice Martin Lim

A native of Kuala Lumpur, Eunice is known as one of Malaysia’s top food influencers. Known for her mouth-watering shots of food, Eunice is a food stylist, photographer and all-round visual storyteller. A perfectionist at heart, Eunice loves exploring new ways to bring her creative vision to life.